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Psychocorporal therapy in Lons le Saunier

Thérapie corporelle à Lons le Saunier
Thérapie corporelle et Massage Sensitif

Camilli Method Somatotherapy is an analytical psycho-corporal therapy that finds its sources in psychoanalysis, enriched by the Jungian approach. It associates the body dimension thanks to Sensitive Massage. 

The therapy takes into account the conscious and unconscious parts of oneself.

Speaking time and body time are integrated into the session. 


The Camilli Method Somatotherapy makes it possible to respond to the problems of stress and anxiety, recognized diseases of psychosomatic origin:

  • Malaise, feelings of anxiety, depression, burnout;

  • Physical problems resulting from psychological suffering: physical pain without recognized physiological origins;

  • Difficult passage: divorce, job loss, mourning, loneliness...

  • Deep questioning, loss of meaning in his life;

  • Complicated, difficult relationships, with repetitive negative patterns;

  • ...


Course of a session

A session lasts one hour and takes place in three stages:  

  • A first time of verbal exchange allows you to ask your needs, to explain the reasons for your presence and to share your life story,   to express your experience as well as your current concerns. ; 

  • A second body moment where the word is given to the body with Sensitive Massage; 

  • A third verbal time allows to open a space of speech in order to share its feelings, to put words on the lived and to make links. 

The body time, with the Sensitive Massage, allows to receive the benefits of a humanizing touch, to fill debts in touch, while allowing access to certain bodily memories.

The massage table can become the place of new experiences, the beginnings of the dynamics of change for the person. The accompaniment offered can make it possible to understand and feel how these experiences can become a resource and integrate into one's life.

Price: 55 euros per session.

Several sessions are useful in initiating a change in one's life.

Somatotherapy sessions using the Camilli Method do not replace medical monitoring.


The C Methodamilli®

Claude Camilli   created Sensitive Massage and the Camilli Method in 1956. Psychologist and Jungian analyst, he refined, developed and taught this process from 1975. His first work of observations and clinical practice with Autistic people, have proven to be founding principles for the development of Sensitive Touch. People thus came out of their isolation to access the relationship, the world. These 19 years of research and application have now resulted in teaching practiced in several countries in Europe and North America.

Claude Camilli defines the originality of his approach as an Art of Touch: "It is both a physical and psychological work of harmonizing the individual. It is seeking to reestablish the unity of the person, of this individual which, as its name suggests, must be an entity but which, too often, is dissociated".



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Camilli® Method somatotherapy

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