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Sensitive Well-Being Massage

Massage Sensitif de Bien-Etre

The Sensitive Massageis a trelational massage whose movements as well as maneuvers are carried out slowly, gently and takes into account the entirety of the massaged person. By listening to one's breathing and bodily movements, it allows one to feel a deep sense of well-being. Feeling listened to, accompanied and respected are the specificities of Sensitive Massage. It helps to restore confidence, to regain one's inner dynamism.The session evolves in an alternation of relaxation and tonicity, to the rhythm of the reactions of the massaged person.

The proposed maneuvers: drainages, wraps, massage of the whole body as well as respect for the body diagram, solicitations, accompaniments, alternation of tonicity/relaxation rhythms, complementary maneuvers.

The benefits of Sensitive Massage:Learn to manage stress, relax, release muscle and mental tension; Feel deeply good; Recontact your body gently, listening to your needs.

The massaged person is at the heart of his session.

Individual sessions


  In the office, by appointment: 13 avenue Aristide Briand in Lons le Saunier (near the train station).

A parking space ist reserved for customers in the inner courtyard.

The course of a session

A time of exchange allows to get to know each other and to express the request, to clarify the expectations.
The massaged person chooses the outfit in which they wish to receive their massage. On the skin, use of organic vegetable oil.

A welcome time at the end of the session helps to anchor the feeling.

Session pricesthese

1 heure         _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ : 55 euros.       

1 hour 30 minutes  : 82 euros


Gift card   


Throughout the year, offer a moment of sweetness and deep well-being with a massage gift card.

Possibility of sending by post or by email. Payment: check, cash or bank transfer.

Contact me for more information.

The Sensitive Massage has nothing to do with massmedical or physiotherapist age as defined by the decree of October 8, 1996.

Corporate Massage

Massage en Entreprise

Seated massage

Demonstrated by neuroscience, the effects of well-being have become inseparable fromtherehealth today. In the workplace, the effects of massage relate to: improved concentration, emotional calming, better management of relationship difficulties and relaxation of muscle tension.

I offer seated massage sessions of 15 to 20 minutes. Either regularly or punctually according to your request.  

Group workshops

Promote group cohesion by stimulating the capacity for altruism, pleasure in sharing, exchanging...

Learn to manage your stress by identifying your emotions...

Experience and identify deep relaxation so that it becomes a resource...

Workshops borrowed from the Sensitive Touch methodology and the Camilli Method, a humanist approach at the service of the company. 

Modalities of intervention

The missions are contractualized and take into account your requests and expectations.

Prices on estimate.

Sessions and workshops within the company itself, individually or in groups (maximum 8 people).

SPA practitioner - Hotel with spa service

Massage en Hôtel Spa

A Sensitive Massage service in your Establishment.

Respondthe needs to be massaged, to relax, to let go, to recharge your batteries... during your stay, without having to move.

Services of 30 minutes or one hour to meet all budgets.

A time of discussion before the massage allows the client to express his request, his wishes (massage of the scalp, back, legs, face, the quality of the pressure) in order to offer a personalized massage.

Choice of outfit: massage dressed or directly on the skin.

Use of organic vegetable oil for the massage directly on the skin.

Prices on estimate.

Institutional Massage

Massage en Institution
Séance individuelle ou en atelier Bien-Etre de groupe

The crisis has had a profound impact on vulnerable people, further accentuating psychological and emotional fragility and isolation.

Responses can be provided to help maintain a physical, psychological and emotional balance and restore the taste for contact.


I offer seated and/or table massage sequences, depending on the wishes and possibilities of the Person. The massage can be performed directly on the skin (using organic neutral vegetable oil) or on clothing. The session can also be proposed for a bedridden person.

Sensitive Touch meets the needs of:

  • Homeland Security;

  • Emotional and physical relief;

  • Taste of the link;

  • Cultivate inner joy;

  • ...

It is personalized and the experience remains unique to each person.

I travel in nursing homes, in structures of the medico-social and medical sector, with all public.

A project defines the lines of intervention. For all information, contact me.

Price on estimate.

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