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Brigitte BOUVIER

Somatotherapist in the Camilli Method

and Practitioner in Sensitive Well-Being Massage

for 9 years,

Facilitator in group practice workshops

Trainer at 2 levels:

"Acquisition of the basics in Sensitive Massage"

"Become a practitioner in Sensitive Well-Being Massage"

Instructor Educator for 23 years in the medico-social sector.

Téléphone :

Adresse : 13 Avenue Aristide Briand 39000 Lons le Saunier

E-mail :

Site internet :

My journey...

Sensitive to the quality of human relations, this asset will become a passion and my professional life will be built around these values. Added to this is a long course of care that makes me discover touch in its different  dimensions… this is where incidents become resources!

​ For 23 years I have been passionate about my energy and my enthusiasm in the medical social sector in the service of people with disabilities. I miss one dimension, that of touch in the relationship. I understand that a balance cannot be reached in the gaps and that touch can become restorative.

I then deepen, for myself, the benefits of a touch that is defined by humanist qualities and meets my primary values. In 2012, I began training at the Camilli Institute.

A professional path then takes shape where the desire to offer support and services centered on the person, in the Rodgerian way, with and through Sensitive Massage and the Camilli Method.

Then, the desire to transmit the Sensitive Massage to people who are interested in touch massage, completes this journey. Practical and training workshops and now a professional training, that of "Practitioner in Sensitive Well-Being Massage" are now available at Lons le Saunier in the Jura.

Today, I have enriched myself with enthusiasm with these practices, which I put at your service, more than skills, an art of living, that of Sensitive Massage and the Camilli Method._d04a07d8-9cd1-3239-9149- 20813d6c673b_

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